Code is Poetry

As a Software Developer I'm used to in front of a computer all day struggling with codes and cases. One day i read an article and realized, that Code Isn’t Just Functional, It’s Poetic”

“Code to speak about like, life and love. Code meant to be read, not run”, though the poems do compile. Hundreds of developer have submitted poems written in C++, Java, Python, Go, Ruby, and others.

Structure a code with respect to cohesive functionality, which also eases naming. Decouple a code to achieve orthogonality. Write automated tests explaining the intended behaviour and check the interfaces. Refactor mercilessly when you learn how to code more efficeint and be syntactic sugar. No need to explain more, code tells the truth.

Design is Philosophy

Design is about paterns, environments, and the infinite of imagination. An art without a concept as well as the failure object. There must be an philosophy on creating an art. Imagine about sky without clouds, it was boring.

"Design is what links creativity and innovation. It shapes ideas to become practical and attractive propositions for users or customers. Design may be described as creativity deployed to a specific end".

I am Makara

I come from Jogjakarta but I live in Depok, West Java, Indonesia. Currently I work in Detikcom, The biggest portal media in Indonesia as Web Developer.

PHP Language

PHP is one of the most popular server scripting language that I love to use. Simple, easy to use, and growth with biggest community arround the world.

eNode Js

NodeJs is growing very fast. When dealing with NodeJs Language i prefer using ExpressJs that offers a high flexibility of accessing thousand package on npm.

Prefered html 5

Semantic & graphical content, multimedia element, and other control attributes are the insteresting features in Html 5. I love to use this newest markup language.

Beauty css 3

The new features in css 3 combine with hmtl 5 will replace interactive function on flash. The website will be lighter and no need to worry about user bandwith.

Contact Me

If you need help or anything please kindly send an email to makara.dewangga [at] I would be happy to read, reply, and help if i could.